Tops & Leggings

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-UV
  • Breathable
  • Quick Dry
  • Plus Size
  • Lightweight
  • Wicking
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High stretch and high-density compression 4-way stretch technique fabric, super thick enough to not see-through. The fabric has amazing tensile strength with 20% Spandex, which significantly improves mobility and comfort when doing intense stretching exercises as if you had a recycle bump on your thighs and hips. High-density stitching fabric slims your body, stimulates blood circulation and increases lactate metabolism, reduces muscle injury, and eventually strengthens your body with full muscle coverage.

We put functionality and materials in the first place, while appearance is equally important. With digital 3D printing techniques and active fashionable patterns, you can say goodbye to the boring black & white combination. It comes with two pockets at Thai for stashing small things, such as keys and cards. They are suitable for all sports, as well as leisure parties

Material: 275 GSM LYCRA, 88% Polyester 20% Spandex

Stitching: ADVANCE Flatlock Seaming

Usage: Running, Yoga, Fitness

Fabric Type: The special molecular in the fabric has functions of sweat-wicking, venting, dry fit, and sun-protection. It protects you from long-term UV damage as if wearing “a second skin”, and makes you feel fresh and comfortable while exercising.


  1. Utilize 4-needles-6-threads professional activewear stitching techniques.
  2. It prevents you from situations such as tearing.
  3. The triangle design of the crotch makes you feel safe to do a deep squat.
  4. It’s designed to perfectly fit the human leg shape, with dedicated stitching it outlines your muscle curve aesthetically.


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