Working With Alberta®

Throughout our selection process, we assess candidates against our leadership competencies. You need to be familiar with these and should consider how you measure up against each one. Our selection process is rigorous, so if you don’t fulfill these criteria, it’s best to realize this before investing the time in applying.

Breakthrough Thinking

You generate new ideas, delving beneath the surface to find true meaning and using conceptual and lateral thinking to create business advantage.

Change Catalyst

You’re excited by the opportunities to change brings and respond positively to challenges. You adapt creatively and will actively promote the change process.

Organizational Awareness

You use your understanding of an organization’s culture to make an impact, working within both formal and informal structures to achieve goals.

Seizing the Future

You want to impact future performance and you take action to realize goals and create new opportunities.

Self-Confident Integrity

You act with integrity and your principles underpin your behavior, motivating you to stand up for your beliefs and take difficult decisions when necessary.

Competitive Pay

Alberta® pay and benefits programs reflect how much the employees and their families are valued. These programs are among the most comprehensive and competitive in our industry. Alberta® pay practices are designed to attract, motivate, retain and reward employees with competitive base pay complemented with short-term and long-term incentives. Alberta® believes in compensating employees in a manner comparable to our competitors in the industry.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Alberta® makes a significant investment in employee benefits, an important part of each employee’s total compensation. The benefits program is reviewed each year to ensure that the plans are cost-effective and continue to provide competitive benefits meeting the needs of our employees and their families. The bar is set competitively high. If you believe that you can make a positive contribution to Alberta® endeavors by adding value to your discipline or area of work, we look Alberta® to hearing from you and welcoming you into Alberta ®.

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