Thermal Bonded Balls

  • Best Rebound Efficiency
  • No Fade Or Leakage
  • Perfect Workmanship
  • Playing Indoor Or Outdoor
  • For Training And Competition
  • Customized Products Facilities
  • Applicable For All Weather Conditions
  • Top Quality Thermal Bonded Ball Suitable For Training And Competition


The seamless, thermal bonded design prevents water absorption which eliminates those heavy waterlogged balls. Glossy finish for wear resistance and professional appearance.

The thermally fused polyurethane cover material is paired with an elastic foam backing to retain shape and maintain softness for injury prevention and striking.

Cotton-wrapped bladder ensures dynamic impact upon shots for strong rebound capability and air retention.

Suitable for use in high school and club-level matches and training. For outdoor play.

Meets FIFA tests for circumference weight, rebound, and water absorption.


Material: Glossy Polyurethane Casing, Special Elastic Foam Backing, Cotton, Polyester
Construction: Thermal Bonded
Sizes: 5 (68-70 cm | 400-450 g), 4 (63-65 cm | 360-380 g)
Usage: Elite Training, Practice, Exercise, Drill
Color: Fluo Orange, Fluo Green, Customized
Logo: Customized
Panel Count: 32
Bladder: Cotton Wrapped Bladder


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