Punching Bags

  • Very Sturdy: The outer part consists of one whole, while the loops have double stitching
  • Easy to hang on the included chain
  • Ideal to use at home


The Alba punch bag is 120 cm. The boxing bag is also available in larger sizes for older children and adults. The rule: the longer the punch bag, the more weight it can handle. You can easily attach the punching bag to the included chain. For example, in the basement, attic, or bedroom. If you use heavier bags, it is smart to order a wall or ceiling mount.

Length punch bag: 120 cm.
Weight: 29 kg
Includes chain
Color: Black
Material: Bisonyl

Choose a punch bag length that suits you
There are various punch bags suitable for every person. Boxers use a 100 cm. punch bag while kickboxers choose a 120 cm. punch bag. The longer the punching bag, the more weight it can contain. This causes the punch bag to be heavier and sturdier. See the overview below for the correct boxing bag lengths.

70 cm, +/- 14 kg: Children under 8-9 years
80 cm, +/- 20 kg: Children under 12 years / Boxers
100 cm, +/- 24 kg: Use for boxing
120 cm, +/- 29 kg: Use for kicks and punches


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