Jiu Jitsu Uniform

  • Embroidery on sleeves, jacket, and pants.
  • No shrinking- made from pre-shrunk fabric.
  • Triple reinforced 100% cotton ripstop pants with round drawstring.
  • Rubber collar with a cotton/poly blend for stiffness and shorter drying time.
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment submits odor and skin-affecting bacteria for a cleaner training experience.
  • Lightweight 450g pearl weave Gi jackets are Premium cotton fabrics to deliver a customized fit, unmatched comfort, and the durability needed for you to roll every day and push your limits.


The Alba offers you the ability to build the best BJJ Gi that fits you and looks exactly the way you want. The Custom BJJ Gi is all about Quality, Durability, and Comfort. Our new line of BJJ Gis’ is made of the most premium material that not only looks good but feels great to train in.

The fabric is durable and does not rip easily, even during the most intense training sessions. The pants are made of ripstop and flexible material, so you can go through all your different positions without the worry of tearing.

We have different sizes and colors available. Made for BJJ training and competition. This Gi can also be used for Judo training as well.


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